All students MUST register with Infant Swimming Resource before starting lessons. This $105 fee is non-refundable and is due at the time you submit your child’s medical registration. This is a series of yes/no questions about your child’s development and medical history and is done so that I can give your child the safest lesson possible.



This is for new students who have never been in the ISR program. Dependent upon age and skill level, students will learn either a Rollback to Float or our Swim Float Swim Sequence. This session lasts 6-8 weeks, Monday through Friday (5 days a week), with 10 minute lessons per day.

All lessons are student dependent which means I never release a student until they can self-rescue in some way, regardless of the time frame.

If it’s been over a year it will be time to update your child’s medical registration which is currently $35. Why do I need you to update this? A lot can change since the last time I saw your child, and I want to continue to provide the safest lesson possible.



Refresher lessons are suggested every six months. As children grow, their skills will need to be adjusted to their new height and weight. Refreshers are highly recommended to refine their skills as they’ve most likely hit developmental milestones since the last time they’ve seen us.



After finishing the Initial set of ISR’s Self-Rescue® program you may find you want your child in the water with us. Maintenance lessons are used to keep your child’s skills fine tuned and sharp so that they don’t develop any “bad habits”.

These are not the same as Refreshers and are used to keep them in the water using their skills appropriately with an Instructor.

I never want finances to stop a child from attaining life saving skills, scholarship opportunities are available for qualifying families.

Email me at to learn more.