Meet the Instructor: Jeni Herman

Mostly Texan, I’ve called San Antonio home for 35+ years.  I spent much of my childhood and teen years underwater – on swim team or playing at the pool or lake with family trips to the coast.  My parents live nearby and I have two younger brothers.

I received a BA in Interdisciplinary English from St. Mary’s University in 2004.  I taught fourth grade, kindergarten, pre-kindergarten, and Headstart in SAISD over the next eight years.

I’ve had CPR/First Aid certifications since I was babysitting as a teen, then had an opportunity for additional training through the local teacher’s union and ASHI.  In 2011, I received certification as a BLS & First Aid Instructor for (All Basic Programs) Basic First Aid, BBP, CABS, CPR/AED for the Community and Workplace, CPR Pro for the Professional Rescuer, Emerg O2 Administration, Emergency Medical Response, Pet First Aid, Wilderness and Basic Wilderness First Aid.  In 2016, I became certified as a Red Cross Lifeguard and WSI (Water Safety Instructor) and began AweSwim lessons.  In 2019, I certified with ISR (Infant Swimming Resource) and am excited to offer aquatic survival training.

I married my high school sweetheart in 2010 and we had our son in 2012 and our daughter in 2016.  Before kids, we enjoyed traveling often – especially to Kauai, HI and am always looking forward to another vacation!  Traveling with two kids adds stress, but the family memories are well worth it.  Besides swimming, I also enjoy yoga, reading, gardening, baking, playing Legend of Zelda and simply hanging out with my family. As a professional elementary educator for nearly a decade, I began looking for a new career that would allow me to continue to stay-at-home with our growing family.  I’ve always been a strong believer in the importance of swimming (or at least not drowning) especially given the amount of rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water in and around San Antonio.  As a mother, I want my children to love the water as much as I do from an early age and respect it in a healthy and safe manner.

We enrolled both kids starting as infants in rescue swim lessons through ISR and couldn’t be more happy with their success. I will never forget the first time each flipped face-up in the water to take a breath, the first moment they could save themselves.  We are now confident that if our kids were to fall into the water, they have the skills to self-rescue and not drown.

Our Pool

We designed and built our pool with efficiency and the lowest use of chemicals possible. During the design process, we laid out several key features that we considered imperative in equipment choices.  We wanted the most effective sanitation system on the market. We did not want our kids exposed to high levels of chlorine found in most public swimming pools. Our high-tech, modern sanitation systems use a sophisticated computer-controlled system for adding the exact amount of chlorine needed to properly sanitize the water. No burning, red eyes from too much chlorine! For filtration, our system uses a commercial-grade, Quad DE™ cartridge filtration system that effectively filters the water to 2 microns. The final level of sanitation is achieved via a commercial-grade Delta™ UV system that sanitizes all water before it enters the pool. This state-of-the-art UV system allows us to use considerably less chlorine than a traditional pool while achieving a cleaner, more santized water. These systems combined ensure that our water quality meets or exceeds most commercial pools.

We are conveniently located in Castle Hills, just outside loop 410 – between IH10 and US281.  We offer 1-on-1 lessons by appointment only Mondays-Fridays.